Planting seeds of success for the next generation of Latina/o scientists

2014 HISPA slm2 copy

Hispanics Inspiring Students’ Performance and Achievement (HISPA) hosted their “Kick-Off and Recruiting Event” in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month – their purpose, to engage new “Role Model” volunteers in HISPA’s Role Model Program. Role models, who visit classrooms and educational programs, dedicate their stories to show students that they too …

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Help for undercover officers

More psychological help needed for undercover officers In an interview on the psychological needs of undercover officers, Dr. Mazzula notes talking with a friend isn’t always a good replacement for professional mental-health guidance –  fellow police officers may be too immersed in the same world to notice red flags in a colleague. Failing …

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Microaggressions and Latina/o

Just released! Microaggressions and Latina/Americans Abstract:  This exploratory study examined micro aggressions experienced by Latinas/os and considered whether such discrimination manifests differently based on gender, ethnicity, or nativity among a sample of 311 Latina/o Americans. Descriptive analyses of microaggression experiences in participants’ lives were examined with multivariate analysis of variance …

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