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Need a diversity and mental health expert? Contract Dr. Mazzula as an expert for your show.  She has been quoted, mentioned or featured in newspapers, professional newsletters and  TV addressing diversity in the United States. Recently seen, featured or mentioned inScreen Shot 2017-10-24 at 2.21.42 AM

Recent Media Interviews, Features and Mentions


NBC’s The Steve Harvey TV Show (Invited Expert). “Race in America” (September 28th, 2015).  How can white people get involved in matters of solving racism? That’s the question Steve Harvey tries to answer with special guest Dr. Anthony Greenwald, Goldie Taylor, Jose Antonio Vargus and psychologist, Dr. Silvia Mazzula.

Dr. Mazzula featured in National Public Radio (NPR) as Source of thenpr Week.  Read feature:


Insight into Diversity Magazine. “Pathways to theScreen Shot 2017-03-09 at 2.22.52 AM Professoriate Program Helps Guide Latino Students from PhDs to Professorships”. Gary Stern (2017).  Dr. Mazzula speaks to the “paltry number of Latino faculty to issues around ‘access, sponsorship, mentorship, and gatekeepers’… Read full story:


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San Antonio Express News. “Joaquin Castro speaks at Latina researchers conference”. Brendan Gibbons (July 16, 2016). Mazzula and leaders of the Latina Researchers Network speak with Congressman Joaquin Castro about Latinas in higher education.  It wasn’t until she was a doctoral student that Mazzula saw the first Latina researcher. Read full story: 


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  “One year of trauma after Ferguson: I’m overwhelmed”. Ernie Suggs & Kendall Tremmell (August 7, 2014).  Can racism cause PTSD? That is what Mazzula,  specializing in racism, discrimination and mental health, and co-author of a race-based traumatic stress study in “Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice and Policy” answers in the wake of race-based hate crimes. Ready full story:

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 3.00.31 AMLatina Researchers Network. Planting Seeds of Success for the Next Generation of Latina/o Scientists. (October 22, 2014). Mazzula, among panel of leaders shared inspirational stories of success and discussed the importance of volunteerism in supporting the next generation of investigators. “Sharing our journey with students is planting a seed of opportunity that otherwise may not be available” said Mazzula. Read story:

Queens Latino. HISPA cuenta historias para motivar Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 3.04.04 AMa estudiantes latinos (October 16, 2014), J. Castaño. Mazzula speaks about the importance of sharing our stories to inspire students. Read full story:

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CityUniversity of New York. Professor Silvia Mazzula received prestigious grants to diversity academia. (February, 2014). Mazzula’s grants to increase diversity in academia particularly for Latino women, highlighted. Read full story:


Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 3.12.29 AMUSA TODAY. More psychological help needed for undercover officers (July 21, 2014), by Lau M. Mazzula, who instructs New York police on how to respond to emotionally disturbed people speaks about the emotional toll on undercover police officers. Read full story: Also appeared in The Washington Times (July 27, 2014), Staking predators online stresses cyber cops, retrieved from Latina researchers celebrate anniversary with webinars, pláticas, interviews and career support groups, by LRN (2014, April 20). Read story:

American Psychological Association. Diversity Factor Interview: Up Close and Personal. American Psychological Association, The Society of Counseling Psychology, Section on Ethnic and Racial Diversity Newsletter. By Roberts, M. (2013, January). Read interview and hear Dr. Mazzula’s thoughts on managing motherhood, graduate school and more HERE…

2013 Interview_DIVERSITY FACTOR  Mazzula Interview Screen Shot Who are the Latina Researchers? (2013, April). By LRN (April, 2013). Read story: http://hispanic.comPrint


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