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  • San Diego, CA (August):  “Intersectional Dynamics: Perspectives on Navigating Privileged and Marginalized Identities” (Symposia). Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, with Drs. Nadal, Jacobson, Lewis, & Shin
  • New York City, Elebash Hall, The Graduate Center (April):  “Critical Mass: Supporting Women in STEM” (Moderator).
  • New York City, Columbia University, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (April):  “Microaggressions in Academia: Impacts and how to develop a culture of equity” (Seminar).  Columbia University, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, New York, NY.

Recent Events


  • New York City, Miller Theatre, Columbia University (April):  “Breakthroughs and Bias: Women in STEM” (Moderator)


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