FREE PREVIEW – The Sage Encyclopedia of Psychology and Gender

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Edited by Kevin Nadal, Silvia Mazzula and David Rivera Get a FREE sneak preview   The SAGE Encyclopedia of Psychology and Gender is an innovative exploration of the intersection of gender and psychology—topics that resonate across disciplines and inform our everyday lives. This encyclopedia looks at issues of gender, identity, and …

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Help for undercover officers

More psychological help needed for undercover officers In an interview on the psychological needs of undercover officers, Dr. Mazzula notes talking with a friend isn’t always a good replacement for professional mental-health guidance –  fellow police officers may be too immersed in the same world to notice red flags in a colleague. Failing …

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Microaggressions and Latina/o

Just released! Microaggressions and Latina/Americans Abstract:  This exploratory study examined micro aggressions experienced by Latinas/os and considered whether such discrimination manifests differently based on gender, ethnicity, or nativity among a sample of 311 Latina/o Americans. Descriptive analyses of microaggression experiences in participants’ lives were examined with multivariate analysis of variance …

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