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As I reflect on the last six years of what started as a small meeting to address the lack of women in the Ivory Tower and research careers to now a Network of over 3,000 scholars, researchers, evaluators, academic leaders and junior investigators worldwide, I am both humbled and even more inspired to continue to support the next generation of investigators.

Join me in given girls and young women faces they can relate to! 

The Latina Researchers Network was founded in 2012, in response to the underrepresentation of historically disadvantaged populations with advanced degrees and in support of examining the barriers and opportunities for advancement in research and academic positions.

With a supportive academic and social network, LRN is committed to eliminating barriers and advancing opportunities for underrepresented populations in research activities and in the academy.

  1. Mentoring and Networking: The primary focus of the Network is to provide a supportive community for researchers and scholars from underrepresented backgrounds and to link aspiring and early career investigators to peers and senior role models. The Latina Researchers Network offers various networking meetings and mentorship opportunities throughout the country to connect professionals and aspiring researchers and academics. See our latest networking events at To bring LRN to a city near you, email me at
  2. Professional Development Opportunities: The Network supports research on and by underrepresented scholars. We are committed to providing underrepresented researchers with the tools to succeed in research activities and to showcasing the work of leading Latina health and behavioral science researchers, and other activist scholars, and how their research influences social policy. Toward this effort, we offer professional development programs and virtual workshops focused on special topics such as; successful dissertation proposals; navigating the tenure process; state-of-the-art methodologies and research with vulnerable populations. We also host Pláticas, virtual conversation hours that provide a more intimate opportunity to focus on professional development topics and support. Visit our website for upcoming webinars and Pláticas
  3. Latina Researchers Conference: Held every two years, the Latina Researchers Conference is a multidisciplinary science meeting that brings together diverse scholars and researchers to address the underrepresentation of historically disadvantaged populations with advanced degrees. The need for diversity is greatest in the social and behavioral sciences, STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and in professional credentialing programs. The conference seeks to: 1) Increase exposure of advanced research careers for diverse scholars; 2) Inspire and support the next generation of investigators; 3) Ensure underrepresented scholars receive the latest methodological training; 4) Provide access to role models and networking opportunities, and 5) Improve recruitment and retention of underrepresented students, researchers and faculty members. Learn more about the Latina Researchers Conference at

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